Awareness of the need to treat potentially infected teeth has grown among health practitioners and the community. Dr Tom has safely undertaken removal of infected and root-canal treated teeth for many years.

Appropriate assessment of teeth can be carried out with a combination of localised radiographs and more complex conebeam scans. This is often used in combination with specialised testing to assess the presence of bacterial toxins around a tooth.

Great care is taken to ensure infection and the periodontal ligament are appropriately removed, to minimise the risk of post-operative complications. Healing is supported through the use of appropriate localised and systemic products.

Removal of any tooth needs to be accompanied by a discussion surrounding appropriate replacements to ensure ongoing support of the mouth, face and airway. Dr Tom utilises a range of biocompatible replacement options including new generation dentures, ceramic bridges and zirconia implants.



Dr Tom is on sabbatical at present.

He has limited availability for online consultations.

If there is an urgent need, please be patient and get in touch via email or social media to arrange a time to talk.