All our teeth should fit beautifully in jaws that have grown and developed optimally. Unfortunately we live in a world where much of the population have poorly developed jaws and a misalignment of teeth. 

Taking a holistic view of orthodontics, trying to treat the whole face, focuses treatment on proper muscle function from early age to encourage ideal jaw development; working with an experienced craniosacral therapist; and when necessary employing techniques to help bring jaws back to an ideal shape and size. Dr Tom utilises a number of appliances including Bioblock Orthotropics, Myobrace and particularly MyoMunchees. 

Dr Tom’s desire is for children to grow healthy happy smiles and he seeks to assist when needed in the journey.



Dr Tom is on sabbatical at present.

He has limited availability for online consultations.

If there is an urgent need, please be patient and get in touch via email or social media to arrange a time to talk.